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Since 1986, we’ve been providing a total range of collection and recovery services to assist businesses with receivables.

Our employees are specially trained in your field and have years of proven experience handling accounts like yours. They’re bonded and insured, backed by the most sophisticated technology available and led by a management group that is actively involved in sustaining the highest industry standards. As a result, we consistently return top liquidation rates for your clients.

Debt Co is a member of the American Collectors Association (ACA) the collection industry’s professional organization with over 3,700 member agencies nationwide.

Our Company continues to grow utilizing innovative methods and customized services. Our state-of-the-art technology and a staff of professional employees help us meet these needs.

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Early Collections

No time to work accounts?  Find that they are just sitting in the office until they are 90 or 120 days past due and you send them to us?  Let us help you work your early collection accounts - our contingency fee rates are lower and the payment rates are higher.  You still don't pay unless we collect.

Regular Collections

Full-service collections of your past due accounts.  We send legal notices, skip trace, credit report 100% of your accounts, handle disputes, and continue contacting the debtor until your balances are paid.

We offer a settlement program at no cost to you, call us if you are interested.

Legal Collections

Legal collections of your past due accounts are completed on an approved by client basis.  We monitor the process, work with the attorneys, and collect payments.

Information Services

Information Services can be utilized to verify new customer information, complete annual verifications, or for your early collection efforts.  Cost is on a per usage basis:

- Employment Verification $50

- Skip Tracing $30

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