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Debt Co Collections can quickly begin collecting on your past due accounts.  It's easy to sign up and get started, and you don't pay unless we collect.

Relax and focus on your business, while we ensure you get the payments you've earned.

Why Debt Co?

Debt Co Collection Rates are 46% Higher than the American Collectors Association Average

With years of experience managing collections for companies such as Bank of America, our leadership team brings cutting edge technology to ensure you maximize the return of your hard-earned dollars.

At Debt Co, we don't cut corners and save front end expenses at a cost to your collections - we credit report 100% of the consumers, call/email/text 100% of your files, skip trace all accounts that do not have location information, and never stop collecting.

Debt Co Has No Minimums or Hidden Fees

For regular collections, you don't pay unless we collect.  Unlike our competitors, there are no fees for inactive months, no requirements on the age of the debt, and no requirements on the amount of the debt.  If you want us to collect it, we will relentlessly collect your hard-earned dollars.

It is Risk-Free to Use Debt Co

Our contracts do not require exclusivity and do not lock you into a multi-year relationship as our competitors often do.  You can leave at any time and try other collection agencies against us head to head.  We are so confident in our ability to collect your accounts, we do not need to contractually lock you in.

Debt Co Ensure It's Painless for You to Send Accounts

There are no forms or online submission processes.  You send the debt information in the form you keep it today.  We'll do the work on our end to place it into our systems!  You simply send copies of the debt to us and Debt Co start collecting.



Contact us at 954-383-4866 or to determine the appropriate rate.  Rates differ by the number of accounts, age of debt, total balances, and industry type.


Fill out 2 quick forms:  a client information form so we know where to mail your checks and a contract.


Send your accounts to us.  We will immediately skip trace, send legally required letters, report the debt to the credit bureau - and begin calling!


Sit back, relax, and begin receiving your earned dollars.

Our Collections Process

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